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What does ICL mean?

In the nationwide Family Law jurisdiction, ICL is understood by all to represent the short form/acronym for Independent Children’s Lawyer. The title is given to lawyers appointed to represent children in family law matters under the Family Law Act of Australia 1975.

When and how are ICLs allocated?

ICLs are involved in the most difficult family law cases by order of either the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA) or the Family Court of Western Australia. When the court makes an order for an ICL it also requests the Legal Aid Commission in the respective State or Territory to make an appointment of an ICL to the case. Legal Aid Commissions each have in-house ICLs, and also operate panels of private practitioners qualified to undertake this important work.

What is the role of an ICL?

6 - 12 Years

12 - 18 Years



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