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Follow the instructions below and register for an account. Once your form has been received the ICL website team will set up your account and you will be sent an introductory email with a link to set your password. Simply click on this link and set your new password. (Click on images to enlarge)

Click on Register.

Fill out the form and submit.

Follow the instructions below and a reset password email will be sent to you with a link. Simply click on this link and set your new password. (Click on images to enlarge)

Click on Login.

Click on Forgot Password.

To start the course, please head over to our Training Centre page and register for the course.

  • Each module will contain recorded presentations as well as resources from subject matter experts and other essential reading. This content is mandatory to view and read.
  • At the end of each topic area within each module are a set of multiple choice questions relating to the recorded presentations, and essential reading resources for that topic.
  • You must answer all questions correctly to successfully complete each topic, and the module overall, before proceeding to the next module.
  • Your course progress is saved after answering each question. Also, it will be automatically saved by the system every 30 seconds to ensure you don’t lose where you are up to.


Click on the Courses Icon.

Click on course title.

Click on the Courses Topic.

Click on Module title.

Automatically watch the course video and Mark Complete when finished to progress.

Click on the next Quiz.

Check the correct answer and click Check to progress.

Repeat the steps above until you have finished the course where you will be awarded the ICL Training Certificate on completion.

Once you have completed the course, you wll be emailed your Certificate of Completion. You can also download your certificate anytime in you Course Dashboard.

To encourage accuracy and focus, Trainees will only be able to incorrectly answer a question 3 times before their account and access to the training module is locked.

Once you are locked out, you will not be able to access it again until it has been unlocked by the team.

To unlock your account, please reach out by sending an email to

Below is a set of screenshots to briefly describe the forum and members sections. The forum can be used in several ways;

  • For members to converse directly with each other.
  • For members to start a forum topic for discussion.
  • For members to create like minded groups for discussion.
  • For mentors to create groups and communicate with mentees.

All the above options can be either public, where any member can join the conversation, or private where a member needs to be invited or a member can request to enter the conversation.


Click on the Forum Icon and and takes you to your profile page.

Click on any of the sections to edit adn communicate.

To create a new topic, click on a forum and add information.

Confirm Password