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Access to online psychological support for all Australian parents via (limited offer)

Many parents and children experiencing high conflict divorce and separation are in desperate need of psychological support. Court delays and costs mean that for many families, conflict and uncertainty add to their emotional stress. There is a lack of available, specialised psychological support for such families and desperately few places that family lawyers can refer their clients for help.

RelationSpace Online, developed by Dr. Catherine Boland and a team of specialist practitioners now offers Australia’s first customised online cognitive behavioural therapy program for separating and divorcing parents.

Children who are exposed to protracted and ongoing conflict and lengthy family court proceedings are at much greater risk of developing lifelong psychological and relationship problems. This has far reaching consequences for future use of mental health services. Early intervention to address conflict and resolve family disputes in divorce is essential in improving mental health outcomes for adults and children.

RelationSpace Online provides a powerful, innovative psycho-education resource for the Family law sector to offer to parents in conflict, giving them an effective, readily accessible, low cost option where psychological assistance is pressing & urgent.  The course helps parents manage their emotions, improve their communication and reduce their conflict. After completing the course, parents have the requisite skills and behaviours to think and behave more rationally and are more likely to make child-focused decisions.

RelationSpace Online is challenging and interactive. The course includes video coaching, dramatisations, sound bites, text, quizzes, infographics and printable PDF’s.   Participants are screened using a series of psychometric tools and the course content is personalised according to their most pressing needs.

The program provides a birds’ eye view of what happens behind therapy’s closed doors and the learner feels very much a part of the experience as they follow a family through the first few months of a high-conflict separation.

RelationSpace Online is an early intervention product and it will provide relief to the specialist practitioners in the Family law sector and Courts, relief to individuals as they transition through high-conflict divorce situation and relief to the children who are caught in the middle of the parental dispute.