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The new National ICL Training Program for family lawyers seeking to join an ICL panel-now live on the website

National Legal Aid was funded in 2017-18 by the Commonwealth Attorney Generals Department to develop a new national ICL training program to train legal practitioners as Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICLs). Previously the training was run by the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia in collaboration with Legal Aid Commissions.

The new program comprises 2 phases:

PHASE 1: 6 online training modules delivered through the national ICL website, comprising lecture style videos by national subject matter experts on various legal and social science topics of relevance to ICL work. Each module also includes lecturer’s papers on their topics and other essential resources. Multiple choice questionnaires to test learning follow each video and resource. Once all modules are completed satisfactorily, a certificate of completion will issue and trainees can apply to register for phase 2 workshop training.


The program can be found in the Training Centre on the website.

Below is a screen shot from one of the Online Training Modules.














PHASE 2:  Trainees who have satisfactorily completed phase 1 will have the opportunity to proceed to one day of face to face training run by a Legal Aid Commission.

This second phase is face to face workshop based training facilitated by individual Legal Aid Commissions using a nationally developed case scenario and workshops. At the end of phase 2 facilitators will conduct an evaluation based on each trainee’s engagement in the workshop activities and discussions.

Trainees who have satisfactorily completed the training program will be issued a certificate of completion which will enable them to apply to join their State/Territory Legal Aid Commissions ICL practitioner panel.

How to register for this training

Visit the link to the Training Centre on the website and follow the instructions to register and pay for the training. The Online training program fee is $400.

Once registered you are able to commence Phase 1 training immediately.

Please note that each Legal Aid Commission has its own criteria for assessing eligibility to join the ICL panel in their State or Territory.  If you intend to undertake the training, please ensure that that you meet the criteria for eligibility. These criteria can be found in links for each State and Territory in the introductory pages of the Online Training Program.